Stories about extraordinary people engaged in important endeavors across the world

Each of our IAAC alumni has a story to tell, and we will be gathering them in a series of videos that will be posted in our website and social media channels every month. IAAC community is making its mark on the world in diverse ways and we want to showcase our former students success. These graduates excel in their careers, impact their countries and local communities and carry the pride of having studied at an innovative and pioneering school such as the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia wherever they go.

Architects, engineers, designers, urbanists and many more profiles have undergone IAAC experience in Barcelona since 2001. Where are they now? IAAC Alumni Stories follows the paths our graduates have taken after finishing their studies in Advanced Architecture, City & Technology and Advanced Interaction at our centre in Barcelona. From Amsterdam to Tehran they have travelled far and wide beyond IAAC’s doorstep in Barcelona.

The first Alumni Story is featured by Carlos Bausa (Master in Advanced Architecture 2013-14), who is currently working at Foster and Partners gives career advice and tells how his professional life is like after his experience at the Institute.