3rd of December 2018
Open Debate
Moderated by Ricardo Devesa

Barcelona Metapolis +20 – The Future of the City 20 Years Later

@ 19.00, IAAC Auditorium
Free and Open to the Public
The debate will be held in Spanish and Catalan

Barcelona Metapolis

Twenty years ago, a group of young architects were discussing the future of Barcelona and presented new ideas published in the book Metápolis Barcelona at the end of 1998. The publication brought together the results of such thinking in the shape of 25 schemes envisioned by 21 different teams. At the time the project was founded on a single, firm belief: that was essential to approach the city with an optimistic attitude vis-à-vis its general context.

Barcelona became a synthetic setting for different projects, new ideas and new icons for future scenarios: the strategic rearrangement of the territory, the redefinition of development areas and networks, the relation with the landscape, the recycling of pre-existing elements and so on. Today these architects are about to meet again, to evaluate the real impact of those ideas in the city 20 years later, and to give the voice to a new generation to debate about the city of the future.

List of Former Metápolis Generation pannelists confirmed: 

  • Monica Farran Astica
  • Xavier Llobet Ribeiro
  • Jaume Valor
  • Alberto Estévez Escalera
  • Vicenç Sarrablo Moreno
  • Enric Masip
  • Manuel Bailo
  • Rosa Rull
  • Toni Casamor
  • David Baena
  • Felipe Pich
  • Teresa Battle
  • Felix Arranz
  • Oleguer Gelpi
  • Ignasi Pérez Arnal
  • Florence Raveau
  • Aureli Santos
  • Manuel Gausa
  • Willy Muller
  • Vicente Guallart
  • Núria Llaverias i Baqués

List of New Metápolis Generation pannelists confirmed: 

  • Pau Villalonga
  • Ivan Llach
  • Raquel Colacios
  • Eugeni Bach
  • Anna Bach
  • Irma Arribas
  • Jordi Vivaldi
  • Areti Markopoulou
  • Tomas Diez
  • Mireia Luzarraga
  • Alejandro Muiño
  • Mathilde Marengo
  • Silvia Brandi
  • Helena Sanz Palau