Areti Markopoulou, Director of Master in Advanced Architecture at IAAC, is invited to give a lecture on the 8th of July at the ETH Züric within the program ALIVE 2013, the international symposium on adaptive architecture:

Talk: In[Form]ation

As Information Era Technologies and their impacts on architecture change, their relationship calls for new or adapted concepts, where the emerging pattern language of electronic connections tie in seamlessly with the language of physical connections.

The informational and technological advances in communications present new design ideas and bottom-up processes where importance is not final aesthetics or final accountancies but rather than data and information that prepare the ground for the birth of efficient and in-formed architecture of cities, buildings and manufacturing processes.

IAAC research projects seek to rethink the [form] of “habitats” bringing forward fundamental concepts of design systems related to real time data and information. Internet of Cities, Public space that interact with the users and flows, Buildings which form follow energy, Materials responding to body data and new Fabrication processes are some of the projects that will be presented in the talk as examples of adaptive architecture applications.

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