In May of 2021, IAAC and the wider architectural community suffered the loss of Jaime Lerner, renowned Brazilian Architect and Urban Planner.

“We know that planning is a process. As good as it is, it does not achieve immediate transformations. It is almost always a spark that initiates an action and the consequent spread of that action. It’s what I call good acupuncture. A true acupuncture ”

With this in mind, IAAC celebrates Jaime’s life through his book “Acupuntura Urbana”, a fundamental work of Jaime Lerner.

The book includes an introduction by Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer, considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture.

In this book, the former mayor of Curitiba (Brazil) reflects on the current deficiencies of urban planning, proposing concrete solutions for the different aspects that make up the discipline. In a clear attempt to cover a broad sector of the public, the author dispenses with cryptic and specialist language, as well as thoughtful theories, to address the problems of the contemporary city through empirical examples, providing practical and immediate solutions.

The e-book is a free download available here.

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