The Creative Europe Programme co-funded initiative Active Public Space (APS) Catalogue, coordinated by IAAC, has issued the “State of the Art” catalogue aimed at detecting and mapping existing successful examples of active-smart public spaces in terms of design, technology, management and occupancy by citizens. The case studies were collected through an open call for paper and academic research.

The State of the Art and Best Practices Collection catalogue has as its main purpose to show a profound study on the activation of public space, in particular addressing the relation between spaces and new technologies. This catalogue is one of the main activities carried out within the APS project framework and it describes the state of the art on the example of 7 European countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Czech Republic.

The main categories of public space addressed in this publication are: squares and public buildings, streets, pavements and parks. For each project it is described how it activates the public space, referring to participation, designing open-source public space, energy generation, advanced materials, urban regeneration.

Active Public Space Catalogue