Interaction Forum & 2ACAA Awards Ceremony

26th of October 2018
Architectural Debate & 2A Award Ceremony for Asia and Europe
2A Magazine & IAAC (Academic Partner)

@ 10.00 – 14.00 Interaction Forum – Innovative Contextual Architecture, IAAC

@ 17.00 – 19.30 Award Ceremony, IAAC

Interaction Forum of 2ACAA

Next October 26th the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia will host the award ceremony of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia and Europe (2ACAA). These awards are aimed at recognizing an individual’s or group’s substantial contribution to today’s architecture. The contest is directed by the prestigious architect Ahmad Zohadi and the evaluation jury has been composed by architects Carme Pinós, Yoko Okuyama, Abbas Gharib, IAAC Co-founder Willy Müller and IAAC faculty and Built by Associative Data studio founder Ali Basbous.

You can download the full programme of the event here