1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | A Global Network
Over the last ten years, IAAC has received and been home to over 500 students from more than 60 countries, including China, the UK, the USA, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, Iran, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, India, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Colombia, Korea and more, making it an exceptionally international and multicultural place.
IAAC Alumni community is an active and dynamic network of visionary professionals distributed around the world, promoting principles and applications of Advanced Architecture and collaborating with IAAC in multiple academic and international research operations.
This year, to underline the importance and the efforts developed by this community, IAAC is organizing the IAAC Global Alumni Symposium and Exhibition, as well as Alumni Networking & Learning, to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2015, inviting all the Alumni to come and take part, either through a project in the Exhibition, as a keynote speaker, or by physical presence at the event.

1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | Call for Projects | Call for Keynotes
IAAC presents the 1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | Call for Projects, aiming to bring together for the first time the Global Network of IAAC Alumni and their world class projects in the fields of research, education and architecture.
30 pioneer projects developed by the IAAC Alumni Global Network will be selected for an Exhibition hosted by IAAC, as well as being featured in the Exhibition Catalogue, given to the alumni present at the Exhibition as a token of gratitude. Projects should represent the efforts of pioneer research in the fields of education and advanced architecture, pushing towards new ideas for the future of architecture, cities and technology.
In parallel to the Exhibition, 3 IAAC Alumni of excellence will be selected, and invited (covering costs of travel and accommodation*) as keynote speakers in the IAAC Alumni Symposium, open to the public of Barcelona, towards the promotion of this Network and its development in the city of Barcelona.
The Symposium will also be streamed live online.
*Should the keynote have developed the projects intended for the Conference with another IAAC Alumni, IAAC will cover the expenses of flights and accommodation for one IAAC Alumni representative.

1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | Events Calendar
20.06.2015 // SONAR // Barcelona
21.06.2015 // SONAR // Barcelona
22.06.2015 // Symposium & Exhibition // Alumni
23.06.2015 // Networking & Learning // Alumni
24.06.2015 // San Juan // Barcelona
25.06.2015 // Master Graduation & Party // IAAC

Alumni interested should write to [email protected] to receive the packaged template, rules & requirements for submission.