BCN Re.set is a circuit of ephemeris architecture in the streets of Barcelona that took place from June to September 2014 in the enclaves of the city centre. The product is organised by Benedetta Tagliabue (Architect – Fundación Enric Miralles) and Alex Ollé (Scenographer – La Fura del Baus), transforming the public spaces of the city through installations that revolve around the themes of identity, memory, diversity, liberty, democracy and Europe.


The IAAC and Anupama Kundoo installation, following the concept of FREEDOM, was located in the Plaça de Salvador Segui. Knowledge provides freedom and progress and the power of freedom is expressed through reading. This installation consists of three different trees which uproot the middle of Salvador Segui Square. The trunks and branches are made out of steel, the leaves of books, and the earth made of concrete. The public can sit beneath the permeable shadows of the trees to chat, read, and enjoy the gentle breeze created by the air passing through the leaves.



  • Anupama Kundoo

Project Development:

IAAC, Barcelona:

  • Areti Markopoulou,
  • Silvia Brandi

Project Assistance:

IAAC, Barcelona –

  • Stefanos Levidis,
  • Mathilde Marengo

UQ Queensland –

  • Ali Dabiria


Fab Lab, Barcelona –

    • Anastasia Pistodou,
    • Alexandre Dubor,
    • Anya Popova,
    • Rodrigo Aguirre

International collaborators:

  • UQ,
  • Queensland and MIT,
  • Cambridge

Structural design concept:

  • Mike Schlaich with TU, Berlin



MAA02 students:

  • Mardet Gebreyesus,
  • Mohamad Yassin,
  • Rasha Sukkarieh,
  • Remita Thomas,
  • Wen Shan Foo,
  • Alejandro Martinez,
  • Alessio Verdolino,
  • Ruxandra Iancu,
  • Tobias Grumstrup,
  • Chung Kai Hsieh,
  • Luis Leon Lopez,
  • Natalie Alima,
  • Sahil Sharma,
  • Ian Mann,
  • Richard Aoun

Photo Credits: © 2014 Javier Callejas Architecture Photography . All rights reserved.