The Master in Robotics & Advanced Construction (MRAC) welcomes Ingrid Paoletti, Olga Beatrice Carcassi and Sameer Kishore as new faculty members.

By bringing together international researchers from a wide variety of fields and cultures, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) seeks to create a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, a place to rethink the construction sector and train the new generation of professionals capable of having a positive impact on our future built environment and economy.

New MRAC Faculty Ingrid Paoletti is a Full Professor in Architectural Technology at Politecnico di Milano and a Material Activist. She holds a Ph.D. in Construction Technology from Politecnico di Milano and has been a research associate at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the founder of the research group in theoretical and design experimentation Material Balance, where she deals with innovative technologies and materials to develop new and responsible material culture.

Faculty assistant Olga Beatrice Carcassi is an Architect and a Postdoctoral researcher at the Material Balance Research Group of Politecnico di Milano. She is interested in defining new practical methodologies to reach the climate-neutrality for the building and construction sector by making use of mycelium-based materials.


Photo Credits © Olga Beatrice Carcassi

Ingrid Paoletti and Olga Beatrice Carcassi’s seminar “Material stories – between metrics and narrative” will teach the MRAC students about the origins of construction material and their environmental impacts aiming to shape future designers in using robotic fabrication as a tool to reach a material conscious design decision and sustainability in construction.

Sameer Kishore holds a PhD from the University of Barcelona (Spain), an MSc in Computer Graphics (Vision and Imaging) from University College London (UK), and a BEng in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani University (Dubai, UAE). He is the campus programme coordinator for the MSc. Robotics programme and heads the Immersive VR Lab at Middlesex University Dubai.

MRAC 01, H.2 HARDWARE II SEMINAR. Project by Alberto Martínez López, I?pek Attaro?lu, Mit Vasant Patel, Robert Michael Blackburn.

Sameer Kishore’s expertise will provide students with a clear understanding of the various sensors used in robotics and the techniques used to process the collected data during his seminar “Intelligent sensing and vision“. One of the fundamental aspects of robotic design involves understanding the external environment, and the robot’s own internal state.

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