The students of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC) recently had the opportunity to participate in a workshop exploring the potential of advanced robotics to offer solutions for 3D space analysis. Organized in collaboration with the industry partner Noumena, the workshop explored the new headquarter of IAAC where the Barcelona Urban Tech Hub will open its doors in 2026.

The workshop, in collaboration with Noumena, was designed to equip participants with a basic skill set in ROS, OpenCV, Agisoft, and Deep Learning, fostering their ability to integrate these technologies into real-world applications.
Throughout its duration, students explored the heart of robotic intelligence by utilizing the capabilities of ROS and OpenCV for smooth navigation and precision image collection. They delved into the fascinating world of 3D modeling using Agisoft, where captured images were transformed into intricate and realistic three-dimensional representations.
They worked at the intersection of robotics and the online world beyond the Deep Learning techniques and methodologies and learned the essentials of web visualization, opening doors to presenting and interacting with robotic creations in a dynamic online environment. The art of showcasing robotics projects on the web, and fostering collaboration and communication, were also a focus of the comprehensive workshop.
The 3D scanning of the new building will enhance its renovation by providing precise data, thereby improving the efficiency and performance of the renovation work, especially when using prefabrication with digital fabrication techniques.

Faculty: Esther Vera, Oriol Arroyo & Salvador Calgua (Noumena)
Faculty Assistants: Huanyu Li & Marita Georganta

Students: MRAC01
Ainhoa Arnaiz Lecuona, Jasper Brookes, Mahaveer Bothra, Henry Boy, Maria Luiza Gomes Torres, Vasista Monavarthy, Feargal Murphy, Sai Prasanth Natarajan, Mohammad Osman, Brijeh Pandya, Manuel Vicente Pardo, Geetham Pasumatry, Arun Prasad, Andrés Said Rodríguez Ortiz, Prottay Roy Chowdhury, Zeyin Song, Oswaldo Veliz, Shu Xiao.

About Noumena
Founded by Aldo Sollazzo, co-director of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction, Noumena is a tech company implementing data-informed solutions for spatial analytics and strategic planning.

About the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction

The Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction seeks to train a new generation of interdisciplinary professionals, capable of facing our growing need for a more sustainable and optimized construction eco-system. The Master is focused on the emerging design and market opportunities arising from novel robotic and advanced manufacturing systems.


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