This spring, several events will be launched in the framework of the URBiNAT project, featuring works developed by the IAAC Advanced Architecture Group, along with students and partners.

Urbinat-meets-go borderless-2025

An inaugural exhibition in the Living Lab of Nova Gorica was the opening of a series of webinars focusing on nature-based solutions (NBS). The IAAC projects exhibited were:

A 3D printed ceramic green wall composed by 3D printed ceramic pots that contains soil, plants and a bio photovoltaic system harnessing energy from the bacteria around plant roots.

A modular system developed to grow edible mushrooms in the urban environment, producing both food and construction materials.

Springweek Nantes

The 6th edition of Springweek took place from May 30 to June 4, 2022, and showcased the work being developed for the healthy corridor in Nantes as well as other festivities. The IAAC project exhibited was:

  • Nantes: IAAC Technological NBS for Healthy Corridor:

The students from MAA Class of 2021/22, developed technological NBS for the healthy corridor of Nantes that will be implemented in the Médiathèque Luce-Courville as a result of the first part of the design participatory process developed with the team from the mediatheque and Nantes partners (Nantes municipality and CNRS-IRTV)

Nature for Innovative and Inclusive Urban Regeneration (NATiURB) International Conference and Exhibition

A two-day public event to be held on 16 and 17 June 2022 in Milan showcasing the work of those working and researching in the field of nature-based solutions and participatory design towards urban regeneration. The IAAC project that will be exhibited is:

  • Sofia: IAAC Technological NBS for Healthy Corridor:

A parametrically designed timber and polycarbonate Winter Garden Pavilion for growing plants locally and for educational purposes. It will be implemented in the healthy corridor of Sofia in the High School 15 “Adam Mickiewicz” courtyard.

As part of the conference 4 papers from IAAC have been selected and will be presented during the conference on May 17th.

Paper 1: Andrea Conserva and Chiara Farinea

Paper 2: Fiona Demeur and Mathilde Marengo

Paper 3: Mathilde Marengo, Iacopo Neri and Eduardo Rico

Paper 4: Iacopo Neri

New European Bauhaus Festival

The fair which will be held in Brussels from the 9 to 12 of June, showcases current and future projects addressing beauty, sustainability and togetherness. UBINAT is one of the exhibitors and IAAC is contributing to URBINAT stand with the project:

  • Living wall for Porto schools:

A parametrically designed, digitally fabricated green wall system aimed to cultivate plants and provide habitats for biodiversity within a school environment, co-designed with the children of Porto.