The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is pleased to launch a new edition of the IAAC Global Summer School (GSS) workshops, an online learning experience that connects students with IAAC extensive network of faculties and renowned lecturers. For over a decade, IAAC has fostered connections between experts and students, creating a unique global learning environment for innovators and change makers.

The GSS23 offers 4 online courses led by IAAC’s team of experts, each focused on the latest digital tools for developing new Advanced Architecture solutions at various scales. The workshops represent a celebration of future education: participants will be able to learn and practice how to shape new solutions for our cities, architecture and technology while facing emerging challenges of the new world and society.

Thanks to its flexible and dynamic format, the GSS23 participants can trace their own learning path selecting a single module or multiple online courses. Each GSS course will be led by IAAC Faculties and Alumni, offering students the opportunity to interact, develop projects and assist in exclusive Global Lectures, weekly online meetings with international experts of the AEC industry.

If you are interested in architecture, computational and environmental design, urban planning, digital fabrication, and are seeking a multidisciplinary experience, join IAAC this July to become part of the GSS community and embark on a path of innovative learning, applications are now open!

Students and Professionals can decide to apply to one or more GSS courses investigating Computational Design, Design for Robotics, Urban Analytics, and Environmental Design.

Here is the list of workshops:


Computational Design Workshop

// from 3rd to 7th of July 2023

Faculty: David A. Leon
Faculty Assistant: Hesham Shawqy



Design for Robotics Workshop

// from 10th to 14th of July 2023

Faculty: Ricardo Mayor
Faculty Assistant: Sheikh Rizvi Riaz



Urban Analytics Workshop

// from 17th to 21st of July 2023

Faculty: Eugenio Bettucchi, Iacopo Neri



Environmental Design Workshop

// from 24th to 28th of July 2023

Faculty: Oana Taut


Learn more about the GSS23 new edition, application are now open!


> GSS Lead Coordination: Laura Ruggeri

Contacts: [email protected]


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