Oana Taut
MaCAD / MAA / CIEE Faculty

Oana Taut is a Romanian architect and computational designer specialised in the field of AI in architecture. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.
Oana is the founder of BuildFlow where she leads the research of generative optimization and generative AI models to help design of performant and creative architectural space.

Her overall professional aim is to design quality space based on objective data, and materialise it in a sustainable way. Her master thesis project developed in IaaC is a research on the topic of artificial intelligence as enabler of a renewed architectural process.

Oana is also leading the Future Cities studio in CIEE – IAAC.

Before becoming a computational architect and AI researcher, Oana had gained extensive professional experience working educational, residential, hospitality and master planning projects internationally.