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Marco Ingrassia

MAA01 Coordinator / MAA Faculty / OTF Coordinator

Born in Palermo, Marco Ingrassia studied architecture in UNIPA and ETSAM UPM in Madrid.

Since 2014 he is based in Barcelona, working with different architectural offices and taking part in many projects and competitions: most notably the Helsinki Guggenheim Competition (Honorable mention in 2015) and the interior design of Barcelona Disseny Hub with NUG architects in 2014.

Since 2010, Marco has been faculty assistant in the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo, where he graduated with honours in 2013 with a thesis about the transformation of a former industrial area in a self-sufficient cultural district. After his thesis, he collaborated with the Cultural Office of Palermo in the opening of the new museum ZAC_Zisa Zona Arti Contemporanee and the drawing up of the programme “Palermo European Capital of Culture 2019”.

Since 2014 Marco has been curating IAAC’s contribution to the international research “Rome 2025. New Life Cycles for the Metropolis”.