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Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson

Designer at Fab Lab Barcelona / MDEF Faculty

Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson is a product designer and project manager at Fab City Research Laboratory and IAAC Fab Lab Barcelona, a centre of production, investigation and education since 2014.

From day to day he works with external clients on a wide range of projects, as well as managing and teaching workshops for public and private clients. With a great passion for an open and circular economy, Ingi is the creator of market.fablabs.io and a collaborator of the Distributed Design Market, a new open-source catalogue/platform of products made for distributed manufacturing.

He runs Sudio, Design Company a creative studio and co-working space in Poblenou, Barcelona.

In Iceland, he studied music and arts from an early age and moved to Barcelona for his Bachelor degree in product design at The European Institute of Design from 2011-2015.