The Master in City & Technology (MaCT) aims to bridge the gap between education, research, and practice. The programme is conceived as a platform to apply innovative ideas to real-world issues with the goal of enabling equitable and regenerative urban spaces, and empowering citizens to take an active role in this transition.

Over the past years, students have conducted studies on pertinent topics including gender sensitivity in the urban environment, such as urban safety, gender violence, and femicide.

Gendered Geographies: Navigating Urban Realities through Women’s Perception of Safety

The project done by Vasiliki Bakomichali and Julia Thomas analyzed data from both crowdmapping and official crime statistics, to reveal spatial correlations and patterns of gender-based violence in urban areas, shedding light on areas of vulnerability such as parks, public transportation, and streets.

Through qualitative assessments of real-world circumstances, the project explores cases where perceived safety contrasts with reported incidents, aiming to bridge the gap between data analysis and lived experiences. Ultimately, it calls for inclusive urban design and policies that prioritize women’s safety, ensuring their voices are heard in creating empowering cities. Read more about the project.

Silenced Voices: An Exploration of the Epidemic of Femicide

The project by Vasiliki Bakomichali delves into the urgent and often overlooked issue of femicide, shedding light on the deliberate killing of women due to their gender. Femicide, extends beyond mere homicide, encompassing the intentional targeting of women within intimate or familial relationships. Through meticulous analysis and comparative study, Bakomichali underscores the pressing need for societal recognition and action against this pervasive form of gender-based violence. Read more about the project.

SISCHAIN: A Sisterhood Blockchain to Fight Gender Violence

In 2020, as the pandemic highlighted the plight of women trapped in abusive homes, MaCT students Adriana Aguirre Such and Stephania Maria Kousoula launched SISCHAIN. This Sisterhood Blockchain initiative aimed to shift focus from denouncements to support, offering psychological and material aid to victims of gender violence. By leveraging blockchain technology and utilizing women’s bathrooms as discreet outreach points, SISCHAIN sought to create a network of solidarity and empowerment for women in need. Through their innovative approach, Adriana and Stephania challenged societal norms and advocated for a future where all women felt safe and supported. Recently, the project won the BCN Fem Tech Prize for gender equality in the ICT sector. Read more about the project.

About the Master in City and Technology

The Master in City & Technology is a on-campus programme oriented towards redefining the future of the urban, through innovative, evidence based and experimental approaches to understand, design and materialise cities. Taking place in Barcelona, the capital of urbanism, the Master is a platform to shape multidisciplinary leaders empowered to pioneer the transition of the urban environment in the era of big data, towards resilient & circular cities, inclusive & just communities and adaptive & more than human urban environments.