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Applied Research – Open Thesis Fabrication

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In the framework of widening the possibilities of research and production in IAAC, and the further implementation of our platform of development between academy and the real-world application, research and the industry, focusing and developing the potentiality towards a marketable product, IAAC proposes the next steps in its field of applied research from Open Thesis fabrication to IAAC BUILDs – building innovation, design & logistics.


The aim of the programme, in line with the opportunity of making a difference, is to develop research to be applied through patents or products for marketing. This will be obtained through the common goal of researching of different fabrication techniques, materials and form, towards the implementation of a large-scale prototype, understanding the potentials of digital fabrication together with new needs of current society and the market.


All the IAAC BUILDs researchers will be working together in 1 group towards a collective goal and project, in turn subdivided into different specialised research teams each focusing on a specific aspect of the project’s development. Hence the implementation of a 1:1 scale prototype allowing to test techniques and materials on real scale.

Some of the research themes are:

  • Design
  • Materials and Materiality
  • Software and Hardware
  • Structure
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • User interfaces


IAAC BUILDs follows in the footsteps of OTF developing the applied research in partnership companies, whose involvement will vary according to project focus. These companies consist in Ceràmica Cumella, ASCAMM, Santa&Cole, Roca, ABB, Breinco, Cricursa, Fupicsa.

The programme also counts on the collaboration of experts in various fields such as engineering and structures, materials, technical components, and much more, allowing the development of a full scale and fully functioning prototype. IAAC BUILDs, applying research to our urban environment towards building innovation.


EDITION: 8th edition

DIRECTORS: Alex Dubor and Edouard Cabay

DEGREE: Postgraduate Diploma in Open Thesis Fabrication by School of Professional and Executive Development at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia – European Higher Education Area (EHEA)


DURATION: 6 months – September 2018 to March 2019 – Full Time


TUITION FEE: 6.750 € (details)

ADMISSION: Architecture degree, Bachelor or higher degree from other professions. Prior experience in digital fabrication.