Bjarke Ingels Guest Lecture

Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner and Creative Director of Bjarke Ingels Group, the most widely envied professional practice of the moment, with its head office in Copenhagen and branches in London and New York City, will be lecturing in the next month of March at IAAC.

The firm BIG is currently developing projects such as the Google Building, Mountain View (USA), the Amager Resource Center in Copenhagen, or the 2WTC Skyscraper in the New York Zero Zone.

Next 6th of March, Bjarke will give a private lecture in the Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs to a restricted public of potential partners such as local entrepreneurs, architects, economists, business leaders and innovators, together with the applicants of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings.

The talk will be actually part of the official launching of the new IAAC programme, the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings, which will kick off next October in Barcelona, directed by Vicente Guallart and Daniel Ibañez.

In addition to Bjarke’s lecture, the day will include a visit of the Valldaura Labs facilities, which will host this brand new twelve-month immersive master, and a lunch.