The students of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities (MAEBB) inaugurated an exhibition at the Casal Dalt de la Villa of the 2nd term projects in which each group designed a building that combines a 4.0 Industry with a residential program. The exhibition will end the 15th of April.

The exhibition takes place in the heart of the Verneda neighborhood in Sant Adria del Besos, Barcelona – a dynamic district in a process of renewal and reinvention close to the future AVE high velocity train station. This industrial estate has gone from being a workshop area for small industry to being an area where there are mainly merchandise warehouses, stores selling wholesale products, small logistics centers and abandoned warehouses. In this context, the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies with residential programs presents a unique opportunity to reimagine the relationship between industry, housing, and community. The MAEBB student exhibition serves as a platform to explore this paradigm shift, showcasing design concepts that envision a future where industrial innovation coexists with sustainable urban living.

Central to the showcased projects is a comprehensive design brief that outlines the parameters and objectives for integrating industry and housing within the urban fabric. The ground floor plinth program, characterized by its industrial functionality, encompasses diverse sectors such as robotics, food production, electronics, and recycling. This multipurpose space fosters innovation and collaboration through designated areas for research and commercial ventures.

The housing program seeks to create a balance between residential living and environmental sustainability. Emphasizing the importance of green spaces and energy autonomy, the projects aim to maximize the use of renewable resources while promoting urban agriculture and energy-efficient practices. By integrating food production and renewable energy generation into residential units, the projects on display underscores the potential for self-sufficiency and resilience in urban communities.

About the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities

The Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities is an 10-month immersive academic programme focused on learning how to design and build a new generation of buildings and cities to respond to the planet’s emerging climate challenges.


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