IAAC Lecture Series 2015/16

Tuesday 19th of January 2016
Peter Trummer

The Piled City: Post-human Urbanism
@ 19.30, IAAC Auditorium
Open to the Public

Peter Trummer is Professor for Urban Design and Chair of the Institute for Urban Design (IOUD) at the University of Innsbruck and he is a visiting Professor at Southern California institute of Architecture ( SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles. He was the Head of the Associative Design Program at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam from 2004 to 2010, Guest Professor at School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania and was holder of the Roland Rainer Chair at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He received his Master Degree at the Technical University in Graz by Günther Domenig and received his Postgraduate Degree at the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam in 1997. He is a former member of UN Studio and establishing his own practice in 2001. He holds lectures and is invited as a critic at the AA in London, the University for Applied Art in Vienna, the IAAC in Barcelona, the SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, the University of Pennsylvania, the Rice University in Houston, School of Architecture in Princeton and the GSD at Harvard University.

He has published recently an Article in offramp8 on “The Pile City”,  “The City as an Aggregated Object “in LOG 27 and in Project Issue Nr.2.  His previous selection of Essays are “Associative Design – from Type to Population” in AD Reader: Computational Design Thinking, “Morphogenetic Urbanism” in AD Digital Cities, “Population Thinking in the age of Bio-politics” in Volume 18, “From Type to Population“ in Arch+189,  “The Architecture of the Many” in Morpho-Ecologies and an interview in Manifold. He finished a Studio Publication “Urbanism in the Age of Bio-Politics”.