transFORMING FUTURE cities – IAAC Exhibition

We can no longer deny design’s responsibility, on all scales, to respond to global challenges, among which climate change. Through adaptation, IAAC’s educational programs provide innovative solutions in order to reshape the way we live, consume and interact. These give way to design transitions, further shifting the paradigm of design, becoming a key pillar for a resilient future.

From intelligent and natural material systems, to circular architecture and design for disassembly, from data driven and ecologically enhanced cities, to citizen sciences and participatory design practices, from customized and digital fabrication for sustainable production, to materially informed, and digitally empowered construction. For all this, and much more, join “transFORMING FUTURE cities”.

“transFORMING FUTURE cities” goes beyond the boundaries of architecture and design, to transitioning spaces, devices and interactions within climate change adaptation, and giving FORM to our habitat of the future.

The exhibition will be open on Thursdays, from 12:00 to 14:00, until September 6th 2022. Registration is mandatory in order to access to the exhibition space, visits will be available on: July 21st, 28th and September 1st. We inform that the Institute and exhibition venue will remain closed during the month of August.

transFORMING FUTURE cities – IAAC End of the Year Exhibition

IAAC Atelier
Carrer de Pujades, 59
08005 Barcelona