The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is glad to announce that the projects Mass is More, Solar Greenhouse and TOVA have been shortlisted to become Obra del Año 2023 (Project of the Year) for ArchDaily in Spanish. You have time to vote until midnight of Wednesday, March 23rd!

All registered users of MyArchDaily will be able to vote. If you are not registered, you can do it here. Once a day, each user will be able to vote for their favourite work among all the available projects. After the system resets the counter at midnight every day, the users will be able vote again.

You can vote for the same project or for a different one every day, throughout the voting period. The announcement of the 15 finalists will be made public on Thursday, March 24th. We need your vote for Mass is More, Solar Greenhouse and TOVA to reach the final stage! Find all the links below.


Mass is More was the installation designed by IAAC and Bauhaus Earth for the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona. The project, opened from 1st to 9th of October 2022, established a dialogue between the industrial modernity of the 20th century and the new low-emission buildings of the 21st century.

Students of the 2021 Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB) designed their final thesis project, the Solar Greenhouse, a full-scale prototype that actively aids in the intensive food production efforts at Valldaura Labs.


TOVA is Spain’s first 3D printed prototype using earth, built with a Crane WASP. The project born from the ongoing research conducted by IAAC to find new ways of facing the social and environmental challenges of the future through its various education and research programs. The construction has been carried out at the Valldaura Labs and represents the bridge between the past — vernacular earthen architecture — and the future — large scale 3D printing technology.

About Obra del Año 2023 (Project of the Year) by ArchDaily in Spanish

For the fifteenth consecutive year, ArchDaily presents the Project of the Year Award, the only award in the world of architecture in Spanish, in which the winners are chosen by popular vote. ArchDaily readers will be responsible for determining which were the works that inspired them during 2022, representing the identity of local contexts, but at the same time, marking the way of doing architecture around the world.