The IAAC-Colette Fund

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), is pleased to introduce the IAAC-Colette Fund, an initiative aimed at empowering the next generation of African architects.

Starting 2023, Colette is becoming a permanent private fund within the Institute, which will provide financial support to deserving candidates from Africa interested in pursuing a Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture (3DPA) in Barcelona, Spain. Its goal is, once again, to offer educational opportunities in architecture and design, focusing on 3D printing with natural materials and its applications in the construction field.

Description of the Fund

The Colette fund covers the tuition fee for up to two (2) students, researchers and professionals from Africa who wish to participate in the Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture (3DPA) in Barcelona.

The fund exclusively covers tuition costs. Visa processing fees, travel and living costs in Barcelona are not included. Interested candidates must secure their own travel and accommodation funding in order to be selected for the fund and participate in the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates must:
– Hold a passport from an African country
– Higher Education Degree Equivalent (preferable a Masters degree) in fields related to Architecture, Design, Engineering, or Material Science

Applicants who are not in possession of a masters degree should demonstrate experience in the following areas in order to be considered for acceptance into the 3DPA postgraduate program:

– Experience in 3D modeling (RhinocerosⓇ or equivalent) and Computational Design ( Grasshopper 3D or equivalent)
– Design for Construction, ideally with experience in the construction industry & building site.
– Experienced in Digital Fabrication, ideally in Laser Cutting, 3D printing (FDM) and CNC Milling

How to apply for the fund?

All candidates are required to complete a regular application process for the Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture (3DPA) through the IAAC Application Portal. Candidates must submit all mandatory documents for a regular application. These include:

1. Letter of intent written in English
2. A Portfolio showcasing samples of the candidates work in English
3. CV (Curriculum Vitae/ Resume).
4. Two (2) letters of recommendation written in English
5. A scanned copy of the candidate’s masters diploma.
6. A copy of the candidate’s valid passport

Candidates will be asked to submit an additional document outlining their vision for 3D Printed, Sustainable Architecture (Format: A4 PDF, maximum 2 pages, file size up to 5MB).

*Important: A 50€ Application fee (non-refundable) is to be paid to submit your application.

For more detailed information on the Supporting Documents listed above please consult the IAAC Guide for Applicants.

Competition Deadlines

Applicants residing in Africa and not in possession of a visa to study in Spain are required to apply by March 22, 2024. This deadline would allow candidates sufficient time to secure a visa to study in Spain.

* Please note that visa processing fees are not included as part of the fund. Visa processing times can vary in different countries. Selected applicants are responsible for securing a visa as soon as they receive confirmation of their selection for the fund and acceptance into the program.

The Selection Process

Students will be evaluated and selected by an academic committee composed of the 3DPA programme directors, faculty and special guests and professionals coming from the field of 3D printing in architecture.

Academic committee members will evaluate the documentation submitted by the students, taking into consideration the following aspects:
– Interest in sustainability in construction
– Interest in new technologies in architecture
– Interest in social approach to architecture
– Evaluation of the motivation presented by the student
– Design skills

Students with the highest evaluation will have access to the second step of the evaluation process, based on an interview via video-conference with members of the academic committee.

Selected candidates will have to accept and enrol in the program signing an agreement before 30th March 2024. Should selected candidates not enrol in the program by the due date, following students in the ranking will be contacted to enrol in the program.

Interested candidates can contact Yara Tayoun, the 3DPA Coordinator at [email protected], should they have any questions about the application process or the Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture.