T.I.T. Timber in Tension – Experimental Data Informed Structure developed in the MAA01 2020/21

T.I.T. – Timber in Tension is an experimental structure developed during the two-term seminar Data Informed Structures, by 21 students from the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21, under the guidance of Manja van de Worp and Raimund Krenmueller, and the support of Eduardo Chamorro, Shyam Zonca and Deepika Raghu.

During the first term, the students focussed on design and structural analysis using advanced digital tools like karamba to develop proposals for a new structure on the rooftop of IAAC. One proposal was selected, developed further and eventually fabricated in 1:1 scale in the second term.

T.I.T. Timber in Tension Project is composed of standard timber cross sections that create a network of tensile elements, which provide a shaded space to socialize, study, hang out and have a snack with a view. The structural concept is based on timber strips used in tension, which is the ideal way for wood to transfer loads (in the direction of its fibres) but requires careful consideration of geometry and detailing.

Because the existing rooftop surface is designed with an underlying ventilation cavity, as is typical for Barcelona, vertical loads had to be directed onto the solid parapets and into the walls instead. This and other specific site conditions were integrated in the design, resulting in a highly contextual project that unlocks the qualities of the rooftop space.

Students: Amandeep Singh Sasan, Christos Trompoukis, Daniel Soiral, Elizaveta Veretilnaya, Hairati Tupe, Jihad Al Ojaili, Laukik Lad, Liang Mayuqi, Matvei Genne, Michelle Bezik, Nan Yin, Pamela Igwehi Inegbedion, Prarthana Sudhindra, Rana Ibrahim, Rosamary Machado, Stefanie Eleonore Thaller, Tullio Polisi, Uri Lewis Torres, Victoria Fedorova, Ziyad Wassef Abdelkader Youssef Ahmed, Ziying Zeng.

Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) program coordinator – Gabriele Jureviciute.

Video and images by Daniela Figueros Claros.