The Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design (MaCAD) provides expertise in the application of the latest digital softwares for design simulation, analysis and optimisation of digital data in architecture, offering a broad and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of computational design.

Among the applications presented to the students, Skyglazer, one of the digital tools for cloud based data management seminar’s projects, led by David A. Leon and Hesham Shawqy, developed by Michal Gryko.

Have you ever thought about how to design and penalise glass roofs through an online app?

Skyglazer is an online skylight configurator for designing and panelising glass roofs. This tool aims at empowering the average architectural designer who wishes to panelise complex forms, roofs or canopies for early stage design and get an accurate idea of styles, numbers, groups and division types quickly without the need to code.

The web interface provides an intuitive step by step configurator mainly consisting of 4 categories:
1. Form creation
2. Panalisation type
3. Colouring style
4. Group categories

All the while live data and visual feedback is provided: form creation, to panelisation, colouring, grouping and data output. Users will be able to interactively adjust the settings until they are happy with the final result, including the possibility of adjusting the environment layers, the views and the ability to download the chosen design.

Future improvements would include the ability to import a guiding curve or boundary to start with for create accuracy rather than using control points. Other areas would include the ability to configure and measure the actual panel sizes and potentially optimising them using the machine learning algorithm K-means.

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