We officially launch the latest generation of the brand new Smart Citizen Kit 2.1!

Started in 2012 in Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC, Smart Citizen develops tools for citizen action in environmental monitoring, community engagement and co-creation. We believe data is critical to inform political participation at all levels. The new Kit includes sensors such as particulate matter, noise, temperature, humidity and is being distributed by Chinese partner, Seeed Studio.

Join the Citizen Science Revolution with this launch event and the documentary developed out of the four-year Europe-funded research project, Making Sense which lead citizen science engagement projects right here in Barcelona.

19:00 // Introduction to the Making Sense project, documentary and Seeed Studio partnership with Martin Balestrini, Mara Balestrini, Guillem Camprodon and Tomas Diez.
19:30 // Citizen Science Revolution
Documentary Screening

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Smart Citizen Kit 2.1 Launch