Fab Lab BCN at IAAC is excited to announce a new partnership between Streamr and Smart Citizen aimed at creating decentralised pollution monitoring networks, on a not-for-profit platform, where families and researchers can subscribe to the data.

“We believe that Streamr and Smart Citizen are a perfect match to enable a more inclusive and accessible Smart City, in which citizens can generate wealth by using open source sensors and have access to data markets that are secure and distributed around the world. We are definitely reinventing what the Smart City means, we are enabling the growth of Smart Citizens that are masters of their own destiny.” by Smart Citizen founder and IAAC’s Fab Lab Barcelona Director, Tomás Díez.

Smart Citizen and Streamr join forces to empower citizens against pollution through technology

Where are the economic benefits for citizens who invest in hosting sensors for the good of the community?

In East London, in a neighbourhood that sits next to the 2012 Olympic Park, Streamr, Smart Citizen and other partners on the ground will work with businesses and households to help them host their very own Smart Citizen sensors. Those sensors will produce real-time information about particulate and NO2 levels. Through WiFi, this data will be fed to Streamr’s Editor and Marketplace, and made available for subscription to the people who want that information the most: government agencies, environmental bodies, or even concerned parents. By monetising that data, we expect to create just the right incentives to encourage neighbouring communities to invest in sensors themselves, because they will earn money for doing so.

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