On Friday 11th IAAC will host a roundtable with experts in the fields of architecture, robotics and construction to discuss the potential and challenges faced by this sector in the face of emerging technological innovation.

Advances in data collection and analysis allow for better integration of construction’s challenges such as site monitoring and adaptability, heterogeneous materials, inventory management, assembly tolerances, changing climate conditions and team coordination. This and many other topics will be part of the debate on Friday at IAAC at 19h. The event is free and open to the public.

The debate will be moderated by Ricardo Devesa, IAAC Senior Faculty and Editor in Chief of UrbanNext. The event is organized by the directors of the academic programme Master in Robotics for Advanced Construction (MRAC), Aldo Sollazzo and Alexandre Dubor.

In addition, Daniel Serrano / Head of Autonomous Systems at Eurecat, Stuart Maggs / Ceo at Scaled Robotics, Ana Cocho-Bermejo / PhD Architecture Technology Professor, Head of Culture & Publications at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, will be with us to talk about all these issues.

MRAC POSTER-roundtable-05