28th, 30th and 31st of May 2015
10h00 til 18h00 at IAAC

IaaC is participating in the international research “Rome 20-25. New Life Cycles for the Metropolis”, in which 24 universities are collectively focusing on the re-interpretation of Rome, while generating proposals for the Agri/Fab City of tomorrow.
In the recent “Encrypted Rome” seminar, conducted by the IaaC faculty Pablo Ros, 23 students from the MAA_01 investigated and proposed different future models of organization for hyper-productive territories: productive landscapes for future cities.
Now, we invite you to participate in the Rome 20-25 workshop where we will develop project scenarios and architectural-scale proposals for a selected 1km x 5km area, generating new visions and prototypes for a Self-Sufficient habitat.
The results will be presented and exhibited in October at the MAXXI Museum by the Urban Planning Department of the City of Rome.

Manuel Gausa
Silvia Brandi
Mathilde Marengo
Jonathan Minchin
Pablo Ros
Carmelo Zappulla

Faculty Assistant
Lina Monaco

Marco Ingrassia