The Valldaura Labs are currently being used as a testing bed for further research and development in the areas of Self Sufficiency, Internet of Energy, Internet of Water and Digital Fabrication. Among these areas is Hydrogrid.


HydroGrid is a project which promotes the development of a new holistic concept of water management, considering unit-level solutions, with a multi-scalar applicability.

In relation to the current management system, HydroGrid proposes the combination of four innovative concepts:

  1. management is proposed based on the diversification of water sources from the fact that not all applications require the same quality water.

  2. it has proposed the concept of recycling and reuse of water, similar to the current management model in the field of waste.

  3. treatment and reuse in-site. Instead of gathering all the different water flow rates and lead as a unit to centralised treatment facilities, this concept provides treatment site reuse.

  4. provisioning intelligence in each of the scales of the water cycle to allow the active management of consumption.

The project aims to develop a test-bed in Valldaura where all the project concepts and technologies will be put into practice in a single system.