EU ProjectEuropa Redes y Gestores – Europa Centros Tecnológicos 2019
DescriptionThis project aims to protocolize the structure of the Unit of European Projects at IAAC in order to expand its mission to become a foundation for researchers and innovation personnel. The focal objective of this fund is to provide IAAC with a basis for the implementation of the Strategic Agenda for Research within H2020.

To this end, the project pursues to set up a department which guarantees the efficient life-cycle management of H2020 projects throughout the fostering of the Unit of European Projects structure.  Among its activities, Redes y Gestores will promote the redesigning of the Unit with a wide array of activities aiming at fulfilling this goal, such as personnel training, network events or workshops, among others.

EU CallECT2019-000484
Total Funding129.117,24 €