Bosc Nocturn // Night Forest is an interactive installation, which invites people to play with light and sounds. While combining both audition and vision, visitors can interact and change the light movement by their input through the microphones.

The project, designed and developed by the students of the Master in Advanced Architecture and Advanced Interaction curriculum, has been presented in the LLUM 19, the Festival of Light of the city of Barcelona.

The installation consists of 6000 leds, which are widespread throughout the site to create an illusion of a forest in the 22@ district of Poblenou, and 4 microphones, which are placed near each window overlooking the “forest”. By talking, shouting or singing to the microphones, visitors can interact and contribute to the play of light landscape. The installation caters to all age groups as well as the physically challenged people.

Llum BCN is a festival in which renowned international artists and designers set up their light installations in different spots in of the Poblenou district of Barcelona, during three consecutive nights.

In the framework of the show, several spaces in the city are also transformed through the creations of the best art, design, lighting and architecture schools, which transform the neighbourhood into an open-air laboratory for everyone to enjoy.

Bosc Nocturn – Night Forest is a project by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture 2018/19

Students: Abhishek Ajit Soman, Akshay Kumar Gopinath, Arman Najari, Daniil Koshelyuk, Elliott Sinclair Santos, François Nour, Gabriele Liuda Jureviciute, Hari Krishna Gundu, Johan Jasser Salas Castro, Kammil Steven Carranza Vivas, Kavya Jose, Lars Erik Elseth, Marc Bou Assaf, Nikol Kirova, Umit Ceren Bayazitoglu, Vinay Khare, Wei-Hong Wang, Yasmina El Helou.

Faculty: Luis Fraguada, Cristian Rizzuti.

Coordinator: Marco Ingrassia, Valentina Toscano.

Photo and video credits: Alexandra Zerpa.

Sponsored by Protopixel and Sonostudi.