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Anastasia Pistofidou

Fab Textile Leader at Fab Lab Barcelona / MAA, MAI, MDEF Faculty / Expert in Digital Fabrication

Anastasia Pistofidou is an architect that works with digital fabrication technologies since 2009. She has been in the core team of IAAC Fab Lab Barcelona as a tutor, advanced manufacturing office manager, coordinator and researcher. In 2013 she established a personal applied research line, Fab Textiles, that combines digital techniques and crafts oriented towards soft fabrication.

She has been organising and teaching in workshops, lectures and tutoring at Fab Lab Barcelona, IAAC in embedded interaction/2016, skin2/2016, digital fabrication tutor 2013-15, LLUM light festival public installation 2014-2015, IAAC Global Summer School 2011-13 as well as Comas University of Business and Design, Tel Aviv 2016; Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2016; School of Fashion Design, Veritas University, Costa Rica 2015-16; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago 2015; Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin 2014; Fab Lab Lima Peru, 2013. Founder of fabtextiles.org, an applied research line at Fab Lab BCN on textiles, soft architectures and innovative materials. Founding member at FirstV1sion.com, where she collaborated in the development of a wearable t-shirt for sports, that integrates a camera with a HD transmission system. Her artistic public interventions are through a multidisciplinary collective, Chinos International CC: an activist group of programmers, interaction designers, anthropologists and artists.