IAAC is pleased to announce that the OTF program 3d Printing Architecture has won the Digitization and technological Bet in the Building Industry in the Advanced Architecture Awards of the 2020’s edition of Rebuild hosted in Barcelona. 

After gaining several academic awards, this recognition in the industrial sector is a great leap forward for our team of architects and researchers and another step towards reality.

“The awards, held within the framework of REBUILD, recognize the work, leadership and effort of companies and professionals who are committed to industrialization, digitization and sustainability in the field of construction”

The recognition of the technological commitment in the sector, through the Zennio Award for Digitization and Technological commitment in the building has been for IAAC and its directors, Edouard Cabay and Alexandre Dubor, for their development of the sustainable architecture 3D printer during the last 8 years to propose a technical and architectural solution capable of improving the construction industry towards a more productive, affordable, sustainable, inclusive and personalized architecture.”