Open Thesis Fabrication Final Presentations

The Final Presentations for the Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF) program will be taking place this week in IAAC.
The researchers will present to a selected international jury on the following date:

Open Thesis Fabrication // Directed by Senior Faculty Edouard Cabay and Computational Expert Alexandre Dubor
March 2nd, 15.00 to 18.00
@Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs

The OTF 2016-17 propose to design and test at scale 1:1 architectural element that take advantage of the latest computational tools, the additive manufacturing process, and the great thermodynamic properties of mud to achieve passive performative system for bioclimatic architecture.

Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF) 2016/17

Senior Faculty: Edouard Cabay
Computational Expert: Alexandre Dubor

Researchers: Abdullah Ibrahim, Sameera Chukkapalli, Tanuj Thomas, Lili Tayefi, Chenthur Raaghav, Iason Giraud, Lidia Ratoi.