Natalie Alima is a researcher with a multidisciplinary approach to architecture that fuses biology, robotics and parametric design. She has a passion for controlling, manipulating and hacking into nature through intricate and complex geometries. Natalie is currently undertaking an ANAT Synapse residency at SensiLab with professor Jon McCormack. The project explores new processes that link digital design, robotic fabrication and biological systems.

She completed her Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA02, 2013-2015) at IAAC, where she specialised in digital fabrication and the merging of organic materials.  Joining IAAC allowed her to rule out the idea of developing a career within a large firm focused on conventional architecture and discover her passion for robotic manufacturing and parametric design. After completing her thesis under the supervision of Professor Marcos Cruz at C-Biom.A studio of the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA02), Natalie broadened her interest in exploring biological materials and how to choreograph them using robotic fabrication. With all this experience gained at IAAC, she decided to return to her native Australia where she founded her own BioLab studio in Melbourne.