IAAC is glad to invite you to the documentary premiére of “Valldaura: a Quarantine Cabine” by Manuel Lógar in the framework of the International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona (BARQ).

Date: Friday 13th of May, 2022 

Following the premiére event, which will be held in Barcelona at the Girona Cinemas, the documentary will be available on FilmIn. Visit the festival website to learn more, and join us to discover how in 2020 the idyllic life of MAEBB students was suddenly changed by the arrival of COVID and the lockdown.

Attend the premiére: https://www.barqfestival.com/en/ing-valldaura/
See the documentary on FilmIn: https://www.filmin.es/pelicula/valldaura-a-quarentine-cabin

Learn more about IAAC’s Master in Advanced Ecologial Building & Biocities (MAEBB).

Following the IAAC tradition of innovating in the formats in which it disseminates its projects and research to the world, in 2020 the Valldaura Labs group decided to produce its first full-length documentary film. It has now been completed and will be presented to national and international festivals in the coming months.

The director of the film is Manuel Logar, a young Galician filmmaker, graduated from ESCAC, who lived at Valldaura Labs together with other students throughout 2020.

The film was oriented to show how a group of young students from all over the world, studying the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities. Together with professionals and experts, they investigated ecological architecture and the self-sufficient Habitat, following an immersive education format in Valldaura, a place with a long history, located in the Collserola Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. But in the middle of filming, COVID changed the circumstances of life in Valldaura, the development of the projects and therefore the common thread of the story itself.

This film therefore presents a reflection on the future of design, ecological construction and the challenges that we will face in the coming years to fight against climate change and future pandemics. It is also a reflection on the challenges of education and on collaborative design within an environment of great uncertainty and doubts that assail young designers when it seems that the world they know is collapsing and it is necessary to rethink how to respond to new challenges in the life.