On Thursday 12, Barcelona’s Mercè Sala Space inaugurates ‘Mixed Use, Mixed Time, Mixed People’ Exhibition organised by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

“Mixed Use, Mixed Time, Mixed People” aims to show the full potential of hybrid public facilities: a model of spaces of proximity located in neighbourhoods and municipalities where various functions (markets, libraries, nurseries, civic centres…) are brought together and used by citizens for their daily activities. These spaces are a pole of attraction and encounter between people of different generations and social classes and at the same time are key places for citizens to interact within the metropolis.

From 5 April to 29 June, visitors will find a range of selected spaces corresponding to six hybrid public facilities: Illa Fort Pienc (Eixample), Alchemika (Iris), Mas Lluís Regional Archive and Civic Centre (Sant Feliu de Llobregat), Mercè Rodoreda Cultural Centre and Library (Sant Joan Despí), La Ginesta Library and El Roble Civic Centre (Begues), and Fondo’s Building (Santa Coloma de Gramenet).

The particularities of these chosen buildings are based on the diversity of uses, the mix of facilities and their integration into the residential fabric, which is an added value to ensure social cohesion. These spaces play a key role in creating dynamic neighbourhoods that are the backbone of cities. This exhibition was firstly presented in the first Bienniale of Architecture and Urbanism in Seoul (South Korea), which was held at the end of 2017 and brought together projects from 50 cities around the world.

© Stela Salinas | AMB

Event Description

Subject: Urban Public Spaces
From:  5th April to 29th June
Where: Espai Mercè Sala, Diagonal Metro Station, Barcelona –  L3 – L5 Hallway
Opening hours: From 10:30 to 20:30 (Monday – Friday)
Promoters: AMB & IAAC
Free Entrance

Inauguration will take place on Thursday 12 at 19h. More information on the event here.