Meet winners of last year’s 3DPA Colette Scholarship Competition


Two laureats of the Colette Scholarship, a project supported by a private philanthropic fund, have enabled Lynette Masai from Nairobi, Kenya and Teklehaymanot Woldesenbet from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to participate in the 3dPA program which they both successfully completed last month. This program aims to bring students or architects from different regions of Africa to gain knowledge into 3d printing and earth construction for them to tackle challenges in the field of sustainable construction and housing, back in their home context.

Both laureates of the past edition are now working on professional projects, Tekle is developing an architectural proposal for an eco lodge on the banks of lake Tana in Ethiopia, while Lynnette is working on the Kenyan pavilion at the biennale of Venice, due to open in May.

Check out their projects

LIGHT [ AIR ] designing cavities for light path:
Project and prototype Lynette Masai, Luis Buerba, Tapiwa Mirirai Manase.


3D printing architecture for a better heat performance:
Project and prototype by Teklehaymanot Woldesenbet, Roshin Anthooravalappil,Timur Mukhametkaliyev

This year’s Colette Scholarship will bring new opportunities for more students like Teklehaymanot and Lynette. You can find the results of the laureates here.