During the International Social Housing Festival (ISHF), the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) took stage in promoting sustainable housing practices and the use of wood as a key construction material.

In line with its involvement in the Built by Nature’s Mass Madera network, IAAC played a central role in the second day of the festival. Directed by IAAC and supported by Built by Nature, Dirección General de Agenda Urbana y Arquitectura – MTMAU, European Forest Institute and Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España, Mass Madera brings together experts, companies, and organizations committed to reducing CO2 emissions associated with construction through the utilization of mass timber.


During the ISHF debate and roundtable that took place on June 8th, IAAC Director, Daniel Ibañez, opened the session with an introduction to the topic of sustainable housing and the transformative potential of wood. Architects and industry experts, including José Toral from Peris + Toral Arquitectes, Mercè Berengué from Roldan+Berengué, arqts., Diego Carrillo Mesa from Celobert Cooperativa, and IAAC Co-founder and Co-director of Urbanitree, Vicente Guallart, also presented their perspectives and experiences on sustainable housing and wood. The diverse range of insights showcased innovative approaches and successful case studies, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Following the presentations, the debate ensued, moderated by Daniel Ibañez. The participants discussed various aspects of sustainable housing and wood, including challenges, opportunities, and the potential of this material.

Mass Madera’s participation in the ISHF debate and roundtable exemplifies the network’s commitment to promoting sustainable housing practices and driving change in the construction industry. By sharing expertise and experiences, this network contributes to the development of innovative solutions that address environmental concerns, enhance social equity, and meet the evolving needs of communities.

The International Social Housing Festival provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and technical exchange at the international level. Mass Madera’s involvement, alongside renowned professionals, underscores the network’s dedication to shaping the future of sustainable housing and inspiring positive transformations in the housing sector worldwide. Read more about the ISHF Agenda.