We start July with a new Alumni Story. Maite Bravo, from Chile, who is a former student at the Master in Advanced Architecture (Class of 2008) and she is currently part of IAAC Faculty. She highlights the Institute as a unique place that allowed her to change the way she conceives architecture and learn every day from students, researchers and international colleagues.

Maite Bravo is an architect from the University of Chile (FAU UCh), Master of Advanced Architecture (IAAC), and Master in Theory and Practice of Architectural Design (ETSAB-UPC). She obtained a PhD International Mention with a “Cum Laude” distinction at the UPC Architectural Design Department, studying concepts and design methodologies emerging from the use of parametric digital design and its immersion into the architectural praxis. Since 2008 she is a Faculty member at IAAC.

Her previous academic experience includes the University of Chile (UCh) and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT Canada). She has been a visiting professor at ETH Zürich, and a guest lecturer or jury member at several international universities. After graduating at IAAC, she started collaborating with the academic coordinator of the IAAC-Urban Sciences Lab and was appointed co-director of the IAAC Theory for Advanced Knowledge Group (TAK) and became faculty member for several courses at IAAC.