MaCT Webinar – Introducing the Master in City & Technology (MaCT)

Date: 23rd of May from 18:00 to 19:00 (CEST)

Host: Mathilde Marengo (IAAC Head of Studies) and Iacopo Neri (MaCT Faculty)

The webinar is promoted by All Things Urban.



The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is hosting a webinar presented by Mathilde Marengo and Iacopo Neri, both Faculty of the Master in City & Technology. The webinar will provide knowledge about the Master programme, oriented towards redefining the analysis, planning, and design of twenty-first-century cities and beyond. Additionally, it will include a Q&A session, which offers prospective students the opportunity to interact with IAAC faculty and coordinator and gain valuable insights into the Master Course.

Mathilde Marengo

Mathilde Marengo is a PhD Architect whose research focuses on the Contemporary Urban Phenomenon, its integration with technology, and its implications on the future of our planet. Within today’s critical environmental, social and economic framework, she investigates the responsibility of designers in answering these challenges through circular and metabolic design. She is Head of Studies, Faculty and PhD Supervisor at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Mathilde develops her research at IAAC’s Advanced Architecture Group (AAG), an interdisciplinary research group investigating emerging technologies of information, interaction and manufacturing for the design and transformation of the cities, buildings and public spaces.

Iacopo Neri

Iacopo Neri’s research lies at the intersection between architecture, computer science and urban planning. He holds a Master of Science in Architecture with Distinction at The Polytechnic University of Milan, and attended a Master in City and Technology at the IAAC after presenting a paper about Swarm Intelligences for crowd-based analysis during the Responsive Cities Symposium (2017, Barcelona). He has been involved as a teaching assistant since 2015 at the University of Florence, later, at The Polytechnic University of Milan, and finally at IAAC where he is currently part of the City and Technology computational research team.