The Master in Advanced Architecture welcomes Edwin Hernandez and Javier González from ShapeDiver as new faculty members for the MAA02 course “Cloud Applications for Architecture: ShapeDiver”.

In recent years, the quality of architectural design has been insightfully improved by the use of innovative techniques in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, as well as the advancement of digital fabrication. Computational design, in general, and parametric design, in particular, allow endless possibilities to be explored during design conception. However, the designer often discards most of them, which could be valid for other projects, situations, or users. This is where ShapeDiver, an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online, can play an essential and differential role, focusing on getting the most out of the same algorithm and turning it into an online configurator. From now on, different users can interact with a generic design and customize it based on their needs in a matter of seconds.

ShapeDiver is honored to have the opportunity to teach a course at IAAC on the importance of cloud-based applications in the architectural field. We believe that teaching these concepts to the next generation of architects and designers is crucial for advancing the field. By understanding the power of cloud-based applications and parametric design, students can make better design choices, save time, and ultimately create more efficient and sustainable buildings. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to influence the education of these students and look forward to seeing the impact of this course on the future of architecture.” – Edwin Hernandez and Javier González from ShapeDiver.

Edwin Hernandez is Project Manager and Lead Parametric Designer at ShapeDiver. He studied Architecture in Andes university in Bogotá, Colombia, and Computer Animation at the SAE Institute in Melbourne, Australia. While still studying, he started working as a “solopreneur” with clients in Australia and New Zealand, with projects that gave him the opportunity to learn how to use BIM software, parametric design and web coding. With this experience he was able to join the ShapeDiver team in Vienna, Austria back in 2018, where he has been challenged with all kinds of projects involving over 15 different industries.

Javier González is an architect and computational designer, interested in automating design concepts of many design fields such as architecture, product design, AEC, etc. He holds a Master in Biodigital Architecture (2021) from UIC, Barcelona. He currently collaborates actively with ShapeDiver as a member of the projects team, where he focuses on the development of parametric projects for different companies of different industries, as well as he optimizes design workflows. Previously, he has worked in several architecture studios in Spain and Bulgaria where he had the opportunity to implement several parametric design and form-finding techniques through Rhino and Grasshopper.

Edwin and Javier’s course “Cloud Applications for Architecture: ShapeDiver” main objective is to promote and boost the creation of cloud applications in the architectural field by teaching the ShapeDiver plugin through practical exercises. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to learn new project visualization and communication methods, manage data efficiently, interoperate with other software, optimize their definitions and even propose new workflows/business models. Discover more about the course here.