LOCAL is an event organized by IAAC Alumni in Mexico [Alejandra Díaz de León and Pavel Aguilar Urquidez] in collaboration with the University of Sinaloa “LOCAL: diseño paramétrico y fabricación digital en el contexto local” introduces the new ideas, processes and tools for architectural design and construction to the design community of the University of Sinaloa and puts emphasis on how this can be potentially applied to the improvement of our local environments.

During 5 days, the studens and proffessors of the Unviersity will be learning about these ideas in the workshop “LOCAL: solar morphogenesis” (rhino/grasshopper/digital fabrication) as well as through a serie of video-conferences of international speakers Tomás Diez, Petr Novikov, Benom Juárez and Edouard Cabay. They will also have access to a laser cutter, a 3D printer a 3D scanner in the Space for Experimental Fabrication run by Gizmo, Trotec and Rhino Lab, and finally they can participate in the construction of the Cardboard Solar Pavillion, designed and fabricated with the same tools and ideas in collaboration with local partner Evo Design Lab.

LOCAL is the first of many following events of its kind in the city of Culiacán and intends to start a movement to embrace parametric design and digital fabrication as a way of innovation in the local context.