IAAC and 3DPA are glad to have recently welcomed in Barcelona the collaborative partners of the Living Prototypes project. The two-day event series organised for them included the inauguration of Spain’s First 3D Printed Earthen Architecture, realised in the framework of the 3DPA programme, as well as a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions regarding the upcoming exhibition at ANCB in Berlin, next November 2022.

Living Prototypes is a project in partnership with several universities and companies across Europe, funded by the research innovation program, Forschungsinitiative Zukunft Bau (BBSR, Germany) and initiated by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin. Including Bonn CITA – Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, COBOD International A/S in Copenhagen, ITKE – Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, at the University of Stuttgart, FibR GmbH, Kernen, WASP in Massa Lombarda, and IAAC, 3DPA, Barcelona.

The project investigates Digital Fabrication Processes and Prototypes for Resource-Conscious Living Spaces. The network recently met in Barcelona for a two day workshop, the past February 28th and March 1st, for brainstorming sessions, presenting their works, and planning the final exhibition to take place at ANCB in Berlin, December of 2022.

The Living Prototypes project is funded by the research innovation programme, Zukunft Bau (BBSR, Germany).

Tune into the Public Event lecture live recording for a better grasp on this exciting partnership and contributions from each participant!

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming exhibition at ANCB! 

ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin is a unique interdisciplinary platform for urban discourse, exploring the interplay between the built environment and social life for the future of our human habitat at an international level.

3dpa Inauguration, February 28, 2022

Living Prototypes Workshops, March 1, 2022

Edouard Cabay, Alexandre Dubor

Lili Tayefi

Vincent Huyghe, Technology Expert; Ashkan Foroughi, Computational Expert; Eduardo Chamorro Martin, Machine Expert; Elisabetta Carnevale, Matter Expert; Guillem Baraut, Structural Expert; Gloria Font basté, Climatic Expert; Nikol Kirova, Geopolymer Expert

Faculty Assistants
Francesco Polvi, Bruno Ganem Coutinho, Marielena Papandreou, David Skaroupka

Colette, philanthropic organization; 3D WASP, Large Scale 3D printing; UN-Habitat, Humanitarian scenarios; BAC Engineering, Structural Consultant; LaSalle, Climat consultant; SmartCitizen, Sensor Monitoring; Scuares Architectural Visualization; Living Prototypes (Zukunft Bau), Research Innovation


Adel Alatassi, Aslinur Taskin, Charles Musyoki, Deena El-Mahdy, Eugene Marais, Hendrik Benz, Juliana Rodriguez-Torres, Leonardo Bin, Mariam Arwa Al-Hachami, Marwa Abdelrehim, Mehdi Harrak, Michelle Bezik, Michelle Antonietta Isoldi Campinho, Mouad Laalou, Nareh Khaloian, Nawaal Saksouk, Orestis Pavlidis, Sammar Allam, Seni Dara

Special thanks

Areti Markopoulou, Mathilde Marengo, Ricardo Mayor, Shyam Zonca, Pilar Xiquez, Daniela Figueroa Claros, Laura Ruggeri, Xavier Molons, Jorge  Ramirez, Jordi Guizán Bedoya, Massimo Visiona, Massimo Moretti, Francesca Moretti, Lucas Fertig

3DPA is done in participation with Living Prototypes, a collaborative project funded by the research innovation programme, Zukunft Bau (BBSR, Germany).