The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) takes part at InteriHotel in Barcelona with a series of activities that will unfold at the CCIB from October 18 to 20, 2023. In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment, IAAC presents an exhibition “Nature-Based Design: Building the Habitat of the Future” that challenge conventional design materials and inspires a collective shift towards eco-consciousness. In addition to the exhibition, IAAC will be present with a diverse range of activities at InteriHotel, including workshops, panel discussions, and lectures.


Under the title “Nature-Based Design,” the exhibition represents an innovative approach that is transforming the way we conceive our future habitats. This approach is based on the use of elements from nature and cutting-edge natural materials as a foundation for creating habitable spaces that respect and harmoniously integrate with the environment. Among the projects presented in this exhibition we will find: RootSkin, Klimatile, Ovolo, Planterra, UrbanCork, Co-mida, Vertical Food Farm, Epiclay, aeroSQAIR, C:aire, Porto Wood Wall, Floravoltaica, Cyber Green Voltaics.

In these projects we can find a variety of materials, from the versatility of clay and ceramics to the reuse of eggshell waste. Wood, cork and moss also stand out as essential elements integrated into these creations, forming an organic fabric with nature. A notable aspect of this exhibition is the incorporation of advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, which are innovatively combined with natural materials.

Beyond the ‘Nature-Based Design’ exhibition, IAAC has a diverse range of events planned for InteriHotel.

Nature-based design: Co-Designing the habitat of the future with new materials Workshop

Chiara Farinea, Head of European Projects and Head of Research in Design with Living Systems
19.10.2023 | 12:30h | InteriHotel Atelier

In a conscious world increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability, the workshop explores how to co-design sustainable habitats using elements from nature and innovative natural materials. Participants will discover how to optimize natural resources, generate energy from plants (bio-photovoltaic energy), and explore innovative approaches to ecological design.


Round table Regenerative Hospitality

Mathilde Marengo, Head of Studies & Co-director of the Master City and Technology
19.10.2023 | 18:30h | InteriHotel Agora

Moderated by Cecilia Camacho, this round table discussion will include prominent figures such as Daniel Truran, Felipe Turell, Carme Pinós, Maria Passalacqua, Mathilde Marengo, and Zdenka Lara and will offer an insightful perspective on regenerative hospitality.


“Design in a Warming Planet”

Daniel Ibáñez, IAAC Director
20.10.2023 | 12:00h | InteriHotel Agora

In this lecture, Daniel Ibáñez, investigates into the complex interdependencies between design, technology, and the ecological impact of architecture. He will present a vision of design and technological development as a powerful agent for transitioning from a fossil-fuel, carbon-intensive economy to one based on renewable bio-based materials and sources. Design and technology, in this context, become catalysts for addressing the challenges posed by a warming planet.

About InteriHotel

InteriHotel is an annual event where the worlds of hospitality and interior design converge for three days in Barcelona. It offers a unique platform to explore the latest trends, innovative ideas, and sustainable solutions in hotel and restaurant interior design, while also providing valuable networking opportunities and educational insights from industry experts.