During the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP28) held from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai, Edouard Cabay, co-director of the Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture (3DPA), participated in the conference on ‘Resilience lessons in African heritage sites: co-creation of innovative solutions and multi-actor capacity building.’ Aldo Sollazzo, co-director of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC), was in Dubai to present the collaboration between Pure Tech and the luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney.

At the recently concluded COP28, Edouard Cabay showcased the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia’s ongoing research exploring the use of earth as an alternative construction material. As co-director of 3DPA, Cabay had the possibility to show the participants of the conference “Resilience lessons in African heritage sites: co-creation of innovative solutions and multi-actor capacity building” the research he has been doing with his team and students on the use of robotic technology in order to transform soil into architectural projects. Watch the conference.


Aldo Sollazzo, co-director of MRAC, was invited to the COP28 to unveil the collaboration between the luxury fashion brand Stella McCarney and the Pure Tech material technology. Pure Tech is an application designed to absorb and neutralize CO2, NOx compounds, and VOCs. It has been recently employed by IAAC in the RESPIRA project, involving the production of 3D printed co-designed urban elements contributing to enhanced air quality.

About UN Climate Change Conference

The UN Climate Change conferences (or COPs) take place every year, and are the world’s only multilateral decision-making forum on climate change with almost complete membership of every country in the world. More than 70,000 delegates attended COP28, including the member states of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Business leaders, young people, climate scientists, Indigenous Peoples, journalists, and various other experts and stakeholders were also among the participants.