The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is offering scholarships to bright individuals whose projects address the challenges of a changing world. To enter the Scholarship Competition, please submit your design proposal by the 31st of January 2024. Winners will be announced on the 20th of February 2024.

IAAC invites its future students to submit their project proposals to the Institute’s Scholarship Competition, which aims to give an answer to some of the current global challenges.

All of the IAAC courses are Limited Entry, which means a limited number of students can enrol in them every year. Some of them can soon run out of availability. We suggest you to apply within the end of the current term of applications to secure a place in your Educational Programme of interest. More info on the IAAC Guide for Applicants.

The information on the competition’s proposal (topic, requirements and format) for each programme is detailed below. To apply, each candidate should visit the Application Portal, register, select the programme they wish to apply for, upload the necessary supporting documents including their Scholarship project proposal.

Master in Advanced Architecture – MAA

Project brief:  

“Architecture for Climate Adaptation” – Design an architectural proposal which responds to the issues associated with climate change such as CO2 emissions, sea level rise, heat island effect, climate migration, or loss of biodiversity among others. Applicants are free to choose the scale of their proposal, ranging from urban metabolism/design to building tectonics to performative material systems. The use of computational design and/or digital fabrication are encouraged.

Master in City & Technology – MaCT

Project brief:

“Data Driven Urban Design” – Develop an urban design strategy based on the overlapping of different types of data. The proposal should focus on tackling the implementation of one of the following urban goals: becoming a resilient & circular city, empowering inclusive & just communities, or implementing adaptive & more than human urban environments. The proposal should be developed in a real city of your choice, the issue or problematic selected should be relevant to said city, and the data used should be real and its sources stated.

Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities – MAEBB

Project brief:

“Ecological Wood Construction” – Create a design proposal at any scale (from architecture to furniture/object) related in some way to ecological principles, and using wood as the primary material. Please include the strategy/rationale behind the proposal.

Master in Design for Emergent Futures – MDEF

Project brief:

“Cultivating Regenerative Futures: Reimagining Design in a Complex World” – Present an idea that echo the essence of Fab Lab Barcelona’s research agenda—Civic Ecology, Distributed Design, Emergent Futures, Future Learning, Materials and Textiles, Productive Cities, and Sense Making. This idea should embody regenerative principles across various scales and contexts.

Master in Robotics & Advanced Construction – MRAC

Project brief:

“Design, Architecture and Robots: call for innovation” – Propose a computational or digitally fabricated solution to envision how advanced robotic manufacturing systems can challenge traditional architectural processes and bring innovation for the design and construction industry. Applicants can choose the preferred location and scale in the submission.

Master in AI for Architecture & the Built Environment – MAAI

Project brief:

“AI for Architecture & Design” – Envision an innovative design solution, a system, or an imaginary concept driven by the potential of AI, radically shaping the future of the built environment. Proposals should relate to novel solutions in one or more of these three topics: i. Urban Tech, ii. Smart Construction, and iii. Natural Ecosystems.

Maestría Online en Ciudades: El Urbanismo Próximo – MOEC

Resumen del Proyecto:

“Ciudades frente la Crisis Climática” – Proponer y contextualizar una solución innovadora para una ciudad del Siglo XXI capaz de responder a los desafíos contemporáneos de la crisis climática. Los solicitantes son libres de elegir la escala de su propuesta, que serán evaluados por su creatividad, innovación y pensamiento crítico frente a los retos urbanos relacionados con la crisis climática.

3D Printing Architecture Postgraduate Programme – 3DPA

Project brief:

The Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture is a programme of applied research. Rather than imagining an architecture for a long-term future, our aim is to apply state of the art technology to today’s construction paradigm. For the Scholarships Competition we ask you to share your vision for a 3D printed architecture by submitting a text and images.

Master in Design for Distributed Innovation – MDDI

Project brief:

¨Bioregions, the potential of digital technologies and indigenous knowledge to drive regenerative transformation¨ – We invite you to join us in exploring innovative solutions that operate from the micro-scale to the planetary scale. We are seeking projects and ideas that embrace bioregionalism, indigenous principles, and digital tools to create sustainable and harmonious relationships with our environment.

Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design – MACAD

Project brief:

“Building Hallucinations” – Design a creative proposal for how the current trend of AI generative models can be converted, interpreted or improved into spatial data that can be used beyond inspiration for design and into the generation of 3D buildings with high complexity.

Who can participate?

Candidates interested in the Scholarship Competition must fulfil the Eligibility Criteria as described in the IAAC Guide for Applicants.

How to apply for the scholarship?

To apply, each candidate should visit the Application Portal, register, select the programme they wish to apply for, upload the necessary supporting documents including their Scholarship project proposal.

The full list of mandatory supporting documents to prepare for the Scholarship Competition are the following:

1) Letter of intent written in English
2) A Portfolio showcasing samples of your work in English
3) CV (Curriculum Vitae/ Resume).
4) Two letters of recommendation written in English
5) A scanned copy of your bachelor’s diploma.
6) A copy of your valid passport (or I.D. if you are a citizen of a member state of the EU.)
7) The scholarship project proposal which corresponds to the Selected Programme’s proposal topic.

Important: A 50€ Application fee (non-refundable) is to be paid to submit your application.

For more detailed information on the Supporting Documents listed above please consult the IAAC Guide for Applicants.


1 (one) PDF document in A4 format, 3 pages max (max 8MB), vertical orientation. An additional page can be used to include pictures/illustrations (optional).

– All proposals must be written in English and contain the full name of the applicant and the program they are applying for in the header of the document.

Competition Details

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia announces every year a Scholarship Competition giving our master’s applicants the chance to win partial scholarships covering 50%, 30%, 20% of the tuition fee of any of the Educational Programmes listed above.

Important Dates

Start date: 1st December 2023 – 00:00 (CET)

End date: 31st January 2024 – 23:59 (CET)

Winners announced: 20th February 2024

Selection and Evaluation Process

Once an application is received, the Admissions Coordinator will start reviewing the submitted applications to check whether they meet all eligibility requirements. Once the eligibility check is completed, Applicants will be informed of the outcome by email.

For more information refer to the IAAC Guide for Applicants.

The Selection Committee

The Jury will be integrated by master programme Directors, faculty and special guests and professionals coming from the different topics to be addressed by the competitions.  

Winners Announcement

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia will officially announce the names of the winners on February 20th, 2024.