IAAC Lecture Series – The Power of Systemic Design

Lecturer: Gunter Pauli

New Date: Monday March 8th, 2021

Time: 19:30 CET

Location: Online – Zoom 

Lecture Abstract

The built environment is one of the areas of human impact and life on earth that has the greatest influence on health, the economy and climate.
We have standardized our production and building model, reduced design to oversimplified CAD-CAMs with 45 and 90° angles neglecting the embedded intelligence in all forms of design that has weathered millions of years and resolved countless issues.

Architecture and urban development is also isolated from all other forms of human activities and needs, hence the focus on cutting costs and efficiency instead of contributing with value, health and resilience which ultimately leads to happiness.

After four decades of on ground experiences, we are convinced that architecture is ready for a fundamental transition. This requires a shift in the design principles: we have to design with the flows and not with our mind!


About Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli (1956) is an entrepreneur, pedagogue and author. He pioneers innovations and creates new (disruptive) business models. Gunter accompanied over 200 projects over the past quarter of a century, translating ideas with solid science into a vision implemented through entrepreneurship. These initiatives have evolved in three unicorns and dozens of demonstrations on how to transform society. Gunter adheres to a philosophy summarized in his book “The Blue Economy” (2010) translated in nearly 50 languages.

He proposes to avoid dividing opinions centered around “for or against”. Rather he continuously focuses on finding better solutions, much better indeed! He embraces radical change, shifting from the obsession to ever higher levels of efficiency, globalization and ever lower prices, to resilience and the capacity to better respond to the basic needs of all, by generating value with what is locally available. He dedicates half of his time to inspire children with fables that empowers them to create a “SuperWorld” their parents could never have imagined. His latest book “The Economy of Happiness” is based on the successful implementation of game changing businesses, and outlines underlying principles that establish the successful pursuit of health and happiness.