The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is delighted to be part of this year’s Barcelona Innova Week, contributing to the event with two distinct happenings on November 14th and 17th.

On Tuesday afternoon, R.E.S.P.I.R.A., a winning project of the Ciutat Proactiva call from the Bit-Habitat Foundation and developed collaboratively by IAAC, Noumena, the Association of Neighbors and Residents of Poblenou, and the Platform of Roquetes Entities, will be officially inaugurated.

On Friday afternoon, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the CO-mida BioPhotovoltaic modular vertical garden. This innovative garden 3D printed with clay was co-designed with partners ConnectHort and Taula Eix Pere IV Association and with the support of the BIT Habitat Barcelona Foundation.

The first event will be the RESPIRA Project Inauguration on November 14th from 4PM at the Convent de Sant Agustí (C/ del Comerç, 36).

RESPIRA is an innovative project that co-designed urban elements with the residents of the Roquetes, Poblenou, and Born neighborhoods. These elements aim to address contemporary challenges in public spaces, including the creation of new pedestrian areas and Superblocks (Superillas), responses to post-pandemic requirements and remote work, and a focus on inclusion, gender perspectives, as well as addressing issues related to heatwaves and climate shelters. The co-designed urban elements were 3D printed using Pure.Tech, a material that absorbs and neutralizes CO2, NOx compounds, and VOCs, contributing to improved air quality.

RESPIRA is a project developed by IAAC, Noumena, La Associació de Veïns i Veïnes del Poblenou, La Plataforma d’Entitats de Roquetes, with support from the BitHabitat Foundation. Registration is free and open to all invited organizations. The event will be held in Spanish.


On Friday, IAAC will host an event at ConnectHort. From 3PM to 5PM is will be possible to visit Co-mida, a smart modular vertical garden made of 3D printed clay, to grow aromatic and edible plants in built environments where horizontal surfaces are not available, such as in dense urban areas.

Co-mida is one of the 7 winning projects of Ciutat Proactiva 2020, a call for urban innovation launched by the BIT Habitat Barcelona Municipal Foundation to face the new challenges of urban inclusion and sustainability in the context of covid-19. The project is developed by IAAC, with partners ConnectHort and Taula Eix Pere IV Association and with the support of the BIT Habitat Barcelona Foundation. The event will finalize with snacks and refreshments.